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Our background information offer you key facts about Siemens Audiology Group, our products and technologies.

BestSound - hearing aids cgi

BestSound Technology

This development by Siemens Audiology, combines a multitude of newly developed functions with proven performance features. The most important features.

Hearing impairment

The term "hearing impairment" covers a wide range of types of hearing loss.

Providing care for children

Hearing loss among children is more widespread than commonly thought and can have serious consequences for a child’s development. Facts worth knowing about the causes of hearing loss and hearing instruments for babies, children and teens.

Siemens Audiology Solutions

Background information about our company in text form.


Millions of people suffer from agonizing noises in the ear, known medically as “tinnitus”. The causes are as various as the available treatments. Some important facts and useful information are summarized in this backgrounder.

Binaural Hearing

Binaural Hearing and Bilateral Hearing Aid Care: the advantage of hearing with two ears.


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