Aquaris™ offers a variety of optional accessories to help you fully enjoy your active lifestyle.

miniTek - small


The award winning miniTek has the flexibility to easily connect your favorite electronic devices wirelessly to your hearing instruments in true stereo sound. It won awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012 in the "Next" category and as a fan favorite.

miniTek - awards

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Tek - frontal small


Wirelessly connects to phones, MP3 players, TVs and other audio devices. Streams stereo sound directly to your Siemens hearing instrument.

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The VoiceLink microphone connects to miniTek and is a practical aid when wearers are attending conferences or presentations. VoiceLink can be given to the speaker for effective speech transmission to the hearing instrument user.

ePen - upright


The award-winning ePen™ is a discreet remote control that lets you adjust the volume, switch programs and turn your hearing instruments on and off. Shaped like a pen is it small enough to fit into a purse or pocket for quick and discreet adjustments.

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ProPocket - small


The classic remote control provides easy fingertip command over virtually all program functions.

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Batteries - blister orange 13


Long-lasting, high-quality Siemens batteries for flawless amplification

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Aquaris micon - Aquapac


The ideal place to store remote controls, mobile phones and MP3 players when you’re at the pool or in the garden. With up to 3 feet (1 m) water pressure resistance, it ensures your devices are well protected.

Aquaris micon - Sportclip

Sport Clip

The optional Sport Clip affixes Aquaris securely to prevent the displacement or loss of your instruments while you’re engaged in demanding activities.


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