Amplify nature. Silence noise.

A hunter’s ears are two of his or her most essential weapons. But if you wear uncomfortable muffs to protect your ears from the noise of the gun, you might not be able to hear what’s happening around you, nor the noises you make yourself that could scare away the prey. SecureEar™ is the ideal solution to this problem, because it supports you in two ways. It protects your hearing by dampening loud noises. At the same time, it enhances soft sounds in your surroundings, so you don’t miss the snap of a twig in the woods or your companions’ voices.

SecureEar - beige

Reliable comfort

  • Tailored exactly to your individual ear shape
  • Fits snugly
  • Does not get in the way when shooting (unlike muffs)
  • Robust elastic UV material
  • Proven 312-type Siemens batteries provide up to 230 hours operation

SecureEar - hunter head profil

Discover the product

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Find out why SecureEar is so comfortable and dampens sound so reliably.

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product technology

Learn how this product uses Siemens’ sophisticated technology to offer top sound quality.

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Find out about the accessories compatible with this device.

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