In-The-Ear hearing instruments

In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids are also known as custom hearing aids, as they are individually manufactured to suit a person’s ear. They range from the so-called Micro-CIC instrument, which fits completely in the ear canal to the full-shell hearing instrument, which completely fills the bowl of the ear.


Eclipse iv

Hidden deep in the ear canal, Eclipse™ is extremely comfortable.

More about Eclipse: Eclipse …



Crafted by hand, developed by experts, highly advanced yet unbelievably small: iMini™.

More about iMini: iMini …


Insio micon

Insio™ is a tiny customized hearing device that can be part of any adventure.

More about Insio: Insio …


Nitro micon ite iv

Nitro™ custom instruments feature super power with sophisticated technology for a convenient hearing experience

More about Nitro: Nitro …


Orion ITE

Small in size, big in convenience: The discreet Orion™ ITE models unite great hearing and wearing comfort with wireless connectivity.

More about Orion: Orion …


Sirion ITE

The little Sirion™ ITE models cover an incredible amount of features – for nearly any situation.

More about Sirion: Sirion …


Intuis ITE

Discretion in an easy-to-wear design: Intuis™ provides a reliable performance for a great hearing experience.

More about Intuis: Intuis …


lotus ite

Lotus™ a powerful, robust and affordable solution.

More about Lotus: Lotus …
  • Insio

    promo-teaser Insio micon

    Insio™ is a tiny custom-made instrument, full of functions so that you can live your individuality.

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  • Pediatric solutions

    promo-teaser Pediatric

    Hearing instruments for children have special features that meet the particular needs of younger wearers, from babies to teenagers

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  • Download library

    promo-teaser download brochures

    Download the information you need. Brochures, user guides and more.

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