What do our customers say about our products?

No statement is better and more credible than those of actual wearers and actual acousticians or audiologists. Find out what they have to say about their individual experience with Siemens hearing instruments.

BestSound™ Technology - latest statements

Tim Goeppert – Siemens sets a new benchmark

Tim Goeppert

“I always tell my customers: Siemens may not have re-invented the wheel, but  they surely have set a benchmark. Based on my experience: The best system in the market today.”

Tim Goeppert, Goeppert Hörakustik GmbH, Ditzingen, Germany

Pure™ - latest statements

Melanie Kleinmann-Schenk - Great response from test wearers

Melanie Kleimann-Schenk

The “free-trial-promotion” for a german acoustician using the new Siemens hearing instruments with micon was the most successful promotion in a very long time.

Melanie Kleinmann-Schenk, Hörgeräte-Studio Reuter & Schirmer GmbH, Northeim, Germany

Aquaris™ - latest statements

Kirsty Swain - wears Siemens Aquaris with miniTek

Aquaris - Kirsty Swain

Kirsty Swain, finallist from the hit BBC Saturday night TV show 'So You Think You Can Dance', talks about her experience with the fantastic new waterproof hearing solution, Aquaris from Siemens.

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Ace™ - latest statements

Carsten Lange – Ace micon inspires

Carsten Lange

„Ace micon – at last a really good hearing instrument from Siemens, with which we can really inspire our customers!”

Carsten Lange, Hörgeräte Akustik C. Lange, Göttingen, Germany

Motion™ - latest statements

Larry Crum - Pastor finds the right hearing aid in one "Motion"

Motion - Lary Crum

Larry Crum started noticing his hearing loss at the young age of 35. It all started with a ringing in his ears, but he quickly realized his problem entailed something more. He found his answer in the Motion™ 701s from Siemens. As a long-time minister and an avid hunter, Larry can now stay connected where it matters most – with his congregation and in the great outdoors.

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iMini™ - latest statements

Daryl - Invisible hearing aid wows aerospace engineer

iMini - Daryl

Although Daryl's job is to fix complex problems, he ignored his own hearing problem. After being diagnosed with a hearing loss in one ear, he wanted a hearing aid that was both invisible and contained the latest technology. He found all of that and more in the Siemens iMini. Now Daryl wonders how he got along without it.

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