History of Siemens Hearing Instruments

history 1878-1959

1878 Telephone receiver with substantially improved transmission quality
People with hearing impairments were able to understand a conversation better over this telephone developed by Werner von Siemens.

1902 Electric hearing testers
Siemens (or rather the preceding company called Reiniger, Gebbert & Schall) makes audiometry electric.

1911 First steps in the development of electrical hearing aids
Louis Weber (Siemens & Halske) starts the development of the first device for the hearing impaired.

1913 Esha-Phonophor
Siemens begins the first serial production of hearing instruments.

1949 Phonophor Alpha
Siemens presents the first pocket-size hearing instrument.

1959 Auriculette 326
Siemens launches its first behind-the-ear hearing instrument.

history 1966-2002

1966 Siretta 339
Siemens presents the first in-the-ear hearing instrument.

1987 Telos
Siemens launches world's first remote control for hearing technology.

1997 Prisma
Siemens introduces the first digital hearing instrument featuring a two microphones.

2002 Triano
Siemens launches the first hearing instrument with three microphones.

history 2004-2008

2004 Acuris™
Siemens introduces the first hearing instrument featuring a wireless system, e2e wireless®.

2005 iScan®
Siemens presents the world's first in-office digital earmold impression scanner.

2006 Centra
Siemens launches its first trainable hearing instrument.

2008 Siemens Tek®
Siemens introduces a revolutionary wireless enhancement system enabling access to all favorite audio devices.

history 2010-2013

2010 BestSound® Technology
Siemens improves the sound of hearing devices to a previously undreamed-of quality level.

2011 Aquaris™
Siemens introduces the world's first waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof digital hearing aid.

2012 micon™ Chip Technology
Siemens presents its new chip technology with 48 channels - a world record!

2013 Nitro® micon
Siemens offers a new power hearing aid for people with profound hearing loss.


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