Children & Hearing

Get your child's hearing tested.

If you have any doubt about your child’s hearing, have it tested as soon as possible to avoid delays in language acquisition, speech problems, and learning disabilities—as well as related emotional and social impacts. With the advice of a hearing care professional and modern digital hearing aid technology, hearing aids are easy for children and teens to use and maintain.

Real stories about real people who wear Siemens hearing aids.

Parent Tested Parent Approved SealAquaris™ hearing aid

Guidance for Parents

Guidance for Parents

Your child's hearing care professional can provide invaluable guidance.

More about guidance for parents: Guidance for Parents …

Testing Children

Testing Children

Testing children for hearing impairment presents unique challenges.

More about testing children: Testing Children …

Children's Hearing

Children's Hearing

Inconsistency in language skills is a sign of hearing loss in children.

More about the importance of children's hearing: Children's Hearing …


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