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08/09/2014 Fox 13 Salt Lake City

Utah police officer copes with hearing loss

08/06/2014 Advance for Speech & Hearing

Sleep Apnea & Hearing Loss

08/04/14 Technologies for Worship

Infrared, Frequency/Digital Modulations, and Induction Hearing Loops

07/30/14 ZipHearing

Siemens Pure and MiniTek Review

07/15/14 ZipHearing

The Hearing Loss Blues: Depression & Hearing Loss

06/16/14 ZipHearing

Hearing Protection for Musicians and Music Lovers

05/20/14 Music Connection Online

Hearing Protection for Musicians and Music Lovers

05/03/14 AudiologyOnline

The CARE Project & Siemens Hearing Instruments Partnership

04/29/14 Senior Outlook Today

Does Hearing Loss Contribute to Alzheimer's Disease?

How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Professional Life

04/21/14 AudiologyOnline

New Products and Programs from Siemens to Improve Patient Care and Grow Your Practice

04/04/14 AudiologyOnline

Siemens to Donate Hearing Aids Valued at $1M to Cancer Patients

03/30/14 Orlando Sentinal

Siemens gift: $1M in hearing aids

03/29/14 Hearing News Watch

Surprise at AudiologyNOW! Mueller and Northern announce it's their final Trivia Bowl

03/28/14 The Hearing Review

Siemens to Donate Hearing Aids Valued at $1MM to Cancer Patients

03/27/14 AudiologyOnline

Siemens Professional Tools Help Hearing Care Professionals Improve Patient Care and Grow Practice

03/27/14 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation

PBTF partners with Siemens to deliver hearing aids

03/25/14 AudiologyOnline

Clinical Management of Tinnitus

03/24/14 My Well-Being

High-Tech Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Sound


Hearing Loss: Unexpected Side Effect of Cancer Treatment

03/20/14 Good Morning America

Cross-Country Campaign to "Stand Up To Cancer"


3 Wireless Medical Devices to Watch

02/28/14 The Hearing Review Digital Edition

A History of e2e Wireless Technology

02/06/14 The Doctor Weighs In

Hard of Hearing? There's an App for That

01/28/14 IMC

Backing into Innovation: Capturing New Consumers for Hearing Aids

01/13/14 Yahoo!News

Newest Innovations in Consumer Technology on Display at 2014 International CES

01/13/14 Network World

CES 2014 Celebrity Watch: Tim Tebow, Janelle Monae & Very Motley Crue

01/13/14 PLuGHiTz

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014


Siemens Shows Innovative Hearing Devices at CES 2014

01/13/14 MD+DI

Digital Health Dominates CES 2014: 3 Trends to Watch

01/13/14 WHAS11

Gadgets Unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show

01/13/14 Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline

2014 CES: Siemens

01/10/14 Capitol Communicator

Technology on Display at CES Makes Major Difference in Life and Career of Redskins Safety

01/07/14 HLN.Com

NFL Player's Hearing Aid Syncs with iTunes, TV

01/07/14 WTOP 103.5 FM

New Tech Helps Redskins' Doughty Hear, Play Better


50 Cent, Vince Neil, and Tom Tebow Among Celebrities to Appear at CES 2014

01/06/14 Getty Images

Newest Innovations in Consumer Technology on Display at 2014 International CES

01/06/14 CBS

2014 Consumer Electronics Show (Slide 4)

01/03/14 ShellyPalmer




Siemens Hearing Instruments Press Releases

  • Lydia King

    promo-teaser Lydia King

    Lydia is a 14-year old from North Carolina. She lives at the beach and loves watersports. Aquaris waterproof hearing aids allow her to hear in water.

    More: Lydia King …
  • Susan Kladitis

    promo-teaser Susan Kladitis

    Susan works as a customer service representative at a local bank. She likes kayaking, boating, and fishing. For her life on the water, she wears Siemens Aquaris hearing aids.

    More: Susan Kladitis …
  • Siemens Aquaris

    Aquaris - CES

    International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree.

    More: Siemens Aquaris …


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