The award-winning ePen® is a discreet remote control that works with the latest Siemens hearing aids. Shaped like a pen, it lets you adjust the volume, switch programs and turn your hearing aids on and off. A gentle twist is all it takes to discreetly control your hearing aids.

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Smart and discreet control.

ePen was honored with the prestigious iF* and red dot** product design awards for 2010. These international prizes are awarded based on the stringent review of criteria such as innovation, aesthetics, and functionality:

  • Innovative pen shape for discretion
  • Adjust volume, select hearing programs, or turn the hearing aids on and off
  • Compatible with these current Siemens hearing aids:
*ePen remote control for hearing aids won the iF product design award for 2010. This international award is given to products that feature unusual success in combining functionality, userfriendliness, aesthetics, and innovation.
**The red dot product design award 2010 is the second design prize Siemens received for the ePen. The red dot is awarded to products that have outstanding design quality.


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