Take control.

Our classic ProPocket™ remote control provides easy command over virtually all program functions. It's small enough to fit into a purse or pocket, yet the larger buttons make it easier to use. ProPocket gives you accurate, hassle-free control of the following hearing aids:

  • Pure®  micon
  • Pure XCEL Carat
  • Motion®  micon
  • Motion XCEL
  • Siemens Life™ micon
  • Siemens Life
  • Aquaris™ micon
  • Nitro®  BTE
  • Insio™ 7mi/5mi
  • Motion XCEL Custom

Check out our new easyPocket™ to see another way to wirelessly take control of your hearing aids.

ProPocket - hand

  • Adjust volume
  • Change program
  • Turn hearing aids off and on (stand-by mode)
  • Stand-by switch activates low power consumption mode


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