Connexx 7 Does Much More.

Connexx 7 is used for programming and fitting micon hearing instruments. All other Siemens Hearing Instruments should be fit with Connexx 6.

Use Connexx 7.2.1 software for micon to program micon custom hearing instruments.

Connexx 7.2.1 allows for quick, simple programming of Siemens micon™ hearing instruments. Connexx 7.2.1 offers an optimized workflow for faster, straightforward navigation and direct access to all individual fitting parameters. The user-centered design provides fully customized First Fit defaults, screen content, and program settings. Functions include InSituGram and product details overview. The Counseling Suite is integrated in Connexx 7.2.1.

Connexx 7.2.1 makes your workflow faster, simpler and more intuitive than ever before.

Connexx 7.2.1 is programming software for Siemens micon hearing instruments. It combines the latest functionality with straightforward operation. It can be customized for your individual fitting process—no matter how (or how much) you use Connexx.

Connexx 7.2.1 also opens up new possibilities for your consultations with the Counseling Suite.

With Connexx 7.2.1 every functionality is at your fingertips—a bonus for experienced users. It is also the perfect tool for new users who benefit from the simple intuitive workflow provided by the new structure.

IMPORTANT: To ensure XCEL and micon products are fit with the appropriate programming software, install Connexx 6.5.5 before installing Conexx 7.2.1.

What's New

Connexx7 - whats new iv

An updated interface, optimized workflow and optional counseling tool make Connexx simpler than ever.

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Tutorial Videos

Connexx7 - tutorials iv

Short films to teach you how to use Connexx 7’s individual functions.

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System Requirements

Connexx7 - system iv

Connexx 7 hardware and software requirements for use with a PC.

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