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Siemens leads the industry in the number of hearing instrument innovations.

The innovations introduced with each generation of our BestSound® Technology have directly and effectively addressed the requirements of people with hearing loss.


products micon iv

A revolution in audiological engineering. 48 channels, up to 12kHz for exceptional clarity and sound comfort.

More: micon …

Essential Technology

Orion & Sirion hearing aids

Reliable audiological performance, great comfort and long-lasting wearer satisfaction.

More about Essential Technology: Essential Technology …



A powerful tool kit that provides support for every aspect of hearing care.

More about ProSuite: ProSuite …

Knowledge Base

knowledge base

More audiological information, FAQs, and training material for professionals.

Enter our knowledge base: Knowledge Base …

Physicians Outreach Program

Physicians Outreach Program

Help physicians deliver better patient outcomes. Get the latest info on our new Physicians Outreach Program.

More about the Outreach Program: Physicians Outreach Program …

Increase Revenue for Your Practice

ENT Solutions

People, products, and practices that help ENTs deliver a new modality of care. *Varies by location, credentials, and business.

More information for ENT professionals.: Increase Revenue for Your Practice …

Workflow Solutions

partner solutions

Work more efficiently and boost customer satisfaction with workflow solutions that meet your needs.

More about professional solutions: Workflow Solutions …



Convenient online ordering and other resources via mySiemens.

More about mySiemens: mySiemens …

Marketing Support

Marketing Support

POS systems and the Counseling Suite from Siemens all help you help your customers.

More about our marketing support: Marketing Support …



Learn about Connexx® software for programming Siemens hearing instruments.

More about Connexx: Fitting …

Accessories for Professionals

Semens Hearing aids and hearing aid accessories

Accessories used by professionals such as miniReceivers, eCharger & rechargeable batteries.

More about our products: Accessories for Professionals …

Professional Testimonials

Learn what our hearing aid professionals and hearing aid wearers are saying about Siemens hearing instruments.

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